2017 Floral Styles

Floral design is essential to your overall wedding vision. But how do you actually determine what type of florals to include in your wedding? This year has brought some new trends and ideas, and we've gathered some of the best floral trends to inspire you - read on! 

  • Cascading bouquets: Regardless of whether you choose to wear a small one or a very lush, oversized one, cascading bouquets are a true classic statement. Elegant, sophisticated, romantic, and unique at the same time, this type of bouquet is growing in popularity – and for good reason too. 

  • Less is more. Planning a modern wedding? The best approach to take with your florals is the “less is more” route. Small, simple, and elegant bouquets placed in glass and transparent containers exuded a sense of regal. 

  • Repurposing old styles. Carnations, baby breaths are slowing becoming the number one choice for many brides and grooms. Because they look pretty (alone or in combinations), they're available year-round, and they're quite affordable, these types of flowers are making room into the biggest floral trends of 2017. We also love the simplicity of one style flower. Eddie's team designed this stunning tablescape that exuded romance.


Regardless of the type of flowers you may choose for your wedding, make sure they imitate the style and look your event is aiming for. Although trends may come and go, style stays forever. 


Cascading Bouquet Image by Jessica Claire Photography

Tabletop Image by Brian Leahy Photography