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Best Restaurants in Paris

There’s nothing more beautiful, purer, or more candid than love itself – so it is perfectly understandable why you and your loved one will want to celebrate your relationship and the emotions that connect you.

What other place on Earth could be more suitable for the celebration of love, other than Paris? The City of Love and the City of Light, Paris is a place of excellent refinery, sophistication, and beauty. But probably more than anything, it's a place where you'll eat some of the best foods in the world.

What are the best restaurants in Paris? Take an inside look:

  • Le Cinq. Translated in English as “The Five”, this is one of the very best restaurants in all of Paris. If you are looking for a super-romantic place, with lush chandeliers, a stunning color scheme, and a general vibe of luxuriousness and high-class.



  • Happy Café. If you don’t want anything too fancy and just want to spend time with your loved one, Happy Café will be absolutely ideal for you. A cozy place suitable for picnic foods, this chic Parisian café will make you feel like home!

  • Boutary. Searching for a restaurant that’s really universally acclaimed as excellent? This is the one for you. With hundreds of 5-star reviews and a genuinely memorable dinner experience, this restaurant is really perfect from all points of view.



  • Epicure. Ever wondered where all those mesmerizing chocolate-melting Facebook videos actually live? If you are still searching, try Epicure in Paris. These people have really create state of art desserts.


  • Keep in mind that Paris is a true wonder of the world and it deserves to be visited without rush. Take your time, infuse yourself with all the beauties this city has to offer, and create splendid memories with your loved one! After all, this is what the Paris experience is all about: relaxation, fashion, beauty, luxury, and of course, food.

Don’t forget to “pack” your smile with you when going to Paris – they say the best way to accessorize yourself in the city of fashion, love, light, and creativity!