Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design Workshops provide an inspiring platform for lovers of art and nature to close the door on everyday stressors and allow themselves to be inspired and educated in the multifaceted art of floral design. 

Zaratsian’s workshops are not just informative courses, but experiences that will inspire attendees to explore, learn, and connect with a new creative medium. This experience provides the time and space for individuals to take a break from the world, open their hearts and minds, and be present in order to take notice and appreciate beauty in its most natural state. 

Hands-on, individualized instruction and guidance will give participants a glimpse into the world that has fueled Zaratsian’s passion for over two decades. His contagious energy and commitment to his craft creates an engaging and inviting environment for learning. Beyond gaining practical knowledge of technique and mechanics, attendees will walk out of the design studio with new insight into their own creative power and a better understanding of the language of flowers.

Held at the Eddie Zaratsian Design Studio in Los Angeles, each aspect of the workshop space is carefully and intentionally designed by Zaratsian to radiate a climate of creativity that inspires all who enter. As the home of all courses, the studio transforms into a classroom where innovation, influence, and learning live.  Regardless of the focus and unique dynamic of each course, Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design Workshops are meticulously designed for a rigorous and all-inclusive adventure for all who attend.