Mushroom Arrangement

Follow along with the video here:

How to create your own mushroom arrangement:


Boat shaped wooden container

Floral foam


Rattle snake grass (Briza maxima)

Mood moss

Different varieties of mushrooms

Boat shaped wooden container: Line your container with plastic /liner before placing the foam


Start with your Floral foam

Cut all flower stems at an angle

Start with inserting materials in this order

Mood moss to cover the foam (pre-wet the mood moss so that is pliable)

Then with either wire or wooden skewers, insert your mushrooms on the open parts of the foam

Take your ornamental grass and insert them vertically

Just mist with water in a spray bottle

Film Credits:
Production Advisor: Hrach Muradyan
Director: Anasheh Khodaverdi
Director of Photography: Narbeh Khodaverdi
Editor: Chris Damadyan
Assistant Editor: Andre Movsisyan
Make-up artists: 
Zare, Alina Khamanyan & Arminaallure
Special thanks to Katy Sah
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