Local delivery fees are included in the prices shown for our Seasonal & Whole Home floral subscriptions. For deliveries outside our local delivery area, a fee may be applied.

SPECIFIC DELIVERY TIMES: Because of multiple variables, including the traffic in Los Angeles, we're unable guarantee subscription deliveries at a specific time. 

However, in important situations or for those of you who want to pamper your special someone, for an additional delivery fee, we’ll make anything happen. You can request a delivery time frame by filling in the special instruction box when completing your order, and we'll contact you for confirmation. In addition, you are always welcome to call our design studio so that one of our special floral assistants can handle your request personally.

IF NO ONE IS HOME: In the case that you aren't home at the time of delivery, we will contact you by phone unless you provided us with Special Instructions on your order form. While we do our due diligence to reach you, if we miss you we may leave the delivery in a safe place, such as with a neighbor, or we may leave a message to call to arrange for future delivery. 

GIFT RECIPIENT MAY BE CONTACTED: We may need contact the gift recipient to ensure someone will be home to accept delivery.


Return & Exchange Policy

SUBSCRIPTION CANCELLATION POLICY: Orders for subscriptions can be cancelled for a full refund within 24 hours of purchase.  Orders cancelled within 15 days will receive a 50% refund of the purchase price, orders cancelled within 7 days of purchase with received a 15% refund.  

PLANT & ARRANGEMENT RETURN & EXCHANGE POLICY: All sales concluded at Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design (EZLD) are final. Arrangements and plants cannot be returned. We are providing a service consisting of perishable items with sensitivity to temperature, moisture, and light attributing to our final sale policy. A natural predispose defect to a plant being the only exception. All such claims must be made within 7 days of the purchase date. The care for the piece purchased is entirely the responsibility of the customer and recipient. 

PLANT & ARRANGEMENT GUARANTEE: EZLD utilizes only grade A plants in its arrangements. EZLD offers a 7-Day guarantee on all its arrangements for defected plants. Defects include fungi, parasites, etc. Customers are required to bring in the plant to the store within the 7 day period for evaluation to determine cause of the problem. Issues with the plants related to watering, temperature and lighting are not considered defects and are the responsibility of the new owner upon receipt of the plant/arrangement.

PRODUCT & ACCESSORIES RETURN/ EXCHANGE POLICY: Non-living decorative pieces ie. containers, faux flower stems, and home accents, etc. returned within 7 days are eligible for an EZLD gift card. The gift card is good for a future purchase only at EZLD. Returned items must be free of any damage and in new and unused condition. 

GIFT RETURN & EXCHANGE POLICY: A gift card of comparable value will be issued for gift items returned without a receipt. 


Floral Care & Handling

As the proud owner of one of our living arrangements, here are some tips and guidelines to follow in order to obtain its ultimate longevity: 

SUCCULENTS: The amount of water depends on several things: weather, amount of sun it’s receiving, size of the container, indoor vs. outdoor location. A general rule of thumb:water deeply but infrequently. That means when you do water, do it thoroughly so that the soil gets totally saturated. Don’t water it again for at least a week or two or probably even longer, the next watering should be when the soil is dry. Don't water on top of the succulents. The larger the pot or the cooler the weather, the longer it can go between waterings. Even if you go on vacation or forget about your plant for weeks on end, it takes a LONG time to kill a succulent for lack of water. It’s much easier to kill a plant from OVER-watering than UNDER-watering. 

ORCHIDS: Water every 10 to 15 days, if root base feels moist to the touch do not water. Please allow the plant to dry out slightly between watering; never allow your plant to be submerged in water for long periods of time. 

AIR PLANTS (Tillandsia): Air Plants like bright diffused indoor light. We recommend submerging the entire plant in distilled water for six hours every 7-10 days. If in an arrangement, use a spray bottle to mist the center. Summer temperatures require a more frequent watering schedule. 

FRESH FLOWER ARRANGEMENT: Place your arrangement indoors, away from any direct sunlight and air drafts. Check water level daily and enjoy. 

FAUX SUCCULENT AND FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS: These are not intended for outdoor use. They don't need any care or watering.

PLEASE NOTE: These are suggestions that we have put together for you. We are not responsible for the care and handling of the product. For further care instructions you can email us at We thank you for your business.