Spring Bridal Shower Inspiration featured on Inside Weddings

Spring has sprung here at Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design! Since I'm so inspired by the feeling florals bring to a space, we decided to create a beautiful, fresh design for Anita's bridal shower. 

We're thrilled to see this party featured in the Spring 2017 edition of Inside Weddings! 

From the article: "An as event manager at a wedding planning boutique, Anita Haftavani was well equipped to create the wedding of her dreams. As a self-described girl who enjoys celebrating love and romance, Anita admits to knowing exactly what she desired for her bridal shower as well. "I wanted to incorporate bright and bold colors," the bride describes. "I also wanted to have lots of Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne!" The hues on the labels of the bottle serves as inspiration for the palette of bright orange, yellow, and peach tones. "Eddie Zaratsian informed me that poppies were in season, so we decided to go all out and use nothing but poppies!" Anita explains of her conversation with her floral designer. The shower resulted in a beautiful, colorful celebration that illustrated the style and personality of the bride."