The Eddie Zaratsian
Design Studio

The Eddie Zaratsian Design Studio in Glendale, California is where discussions, ideas and concepts become creations. Each aspect of the space is carefully and intentionally designed by Zaratsian to radiate a climate of creativity that inspires all who enter.

As the home of our floral and design workshops, the studio transforms into a classroom where innovation, inspiration, and learning live. As the heart of our design process, our studio is where we get to know our clients and learn about how they live, what they love, and finally, what they envision for their event. In this space, we create completely custom, multifaceted experiences and environments that reflect your story, lifestyle and taste. 

We invite you to visit our design sanctuary to learn about the limitless possibilities for your event.

Eddie Zaratsian in his LA Design Studio

699 Ivy Street, Glendale, CA 91204

Photo by Melody Melikian Photography